Ritual Sacrifice

Expend an extra sorcery point to change your bonus action into an extra action this turn. If you don’t have the necessary point, take a firebolt to the chest, cast by yourself, upon yourself.

Hunter Target

One enemy’s (your choice) AC decreases by 3. Lasts 1d6 turns.


Double your current HP. Your AC decreases by 5. All enemies target you for 1d4 rounds.

Burning Man

Cast Fireball on yourself.


Magic bursts forth from you unexpectedly. It is dazzling and blaring and makes a cacophonous sound. You scare yourself and knock yourself unconscious despite your current health. You must be healed to wake.


All damage done by all creatures has a 50% chance of healing instead. All healing done by all creatures has a 50% chance of dealing damage instead. Lasts 1d4 turns. Make the effects cool looking, Lucas.


You fall to the ground spasming as your body contorts and changes. Skip a turn then… Transform into a Beast or an Abomination for 1d4 turns. Roll a d6 to decide:

  1. CR 1/8
  2. CR 1/4
  3. CR 1/2
  4. CR 1/2
  5. CR 1
  6. CR 2

DM decides the beast or abomination.

Weighted Dice

A wise man never enters the fray unprepared. Roll a d20 1d6 times. You may choose three of these rolls and save them for another time. These dice may be played after a roll or instead of rolling. They may also be used on other players or forced onto enemies. Dice are lost after 5 minutes.

Instant Revive

The universe owes you a solid. Next time an ally would be knocked unconscious (or if you have an ally unconscious on the battlefield currently), they are teleported to safety with 1 health and all other expended resources refilled.

Army of One

One character at random is selected. All other characters including yourself turn into a copy of that character/creature. Lasts 1d4 rounds. This change is purely cosmetic, but a character’s size changes. May cause target confusion on the battlefield. Cannot target unconscious creatures. Removed appendages or features remain post transmutation.

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