Magical Poisoning Thorn

Wondrous item, common, (requires attunement)

A small wooden thorn that, when imbued with magic as a bonus action, releases a magic missile that deals 1d4 + 1 poisonous damage.

The user must succeed on a DC 11 Arcana ability check to be able to use the item successfully. On a fail, nothing happens.

Candy Bug Sack

Wondrous item, common

A small, magic sack that once a day, produces a single Candy Bug. The Candy Bug is a magical, sweet-tasting candy that looks and feels exactly like a real bug.

Once produced, the Candy Bug’s bug species and appearance is decided by the DM.

As an action a character may eat a Candy Bug to restore 1d2 hit points. If a character eats 5 Candy Bugs in less than an hour, they will suffer from a painful stomachache and vomit, losing all of the healed hit points.

Magic-Imbued Rock

Wondrous item, common

A rock that emits a faint purple glow. When thrown as an improvised weapon, it deals 1 + the user’s strength modifier as magical damage.

Mirror of Vampiric Reflection

Wondrous item, uncommon

A mirror that only shows the reflection of vampires.

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