Critical Hit Suggestions


Tripped up

You knock your target off balance. They fall to their knees and must spend half their movement getting up.


You got jammed!

Some jam you had with your toast a few days ago dislodges itself and sticks to your target. Their speed is halved. They have a −1 penalty to AC and Dexterity saving throws. And they can’t use reactions. On their next turn, they can use either an action or a bonus action, not both. Regardless of the creature’s abilities or magic items, it can’t make more than one melee or ranged attack during its turn. This effect ends at the top of your next turn.


Take flight

Your magic interacts with a wing feather of a bird floating through the air and the spell Fly is cast upon you.

For 10 minutes, you gain a flying speed of 60 feet. When the spell ends, you fall if you are still aloft, unless you can stop the fall.

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